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Moolec Science raises $30m to produce more animal proteins via plants

UK-based ag bio-tech start-up Moolec has announced a $30 million raise in cash and in-kind contributions from strategic investors via convertible notes.

Moolec is a spinout of Bioceres Crop Solutions, an integrated bio-tech company of crop productivity solutions, including high-impact technologies for seeds.

Moolec is known for its molecular farming platform, which bio-engineers plants such as yellow peas and soybeans to express bovine and porcine proteins. The proteins are said to improve the taste, texture, nutrition, flavour, and colour of meat alternatives.

Moolec’s CEO Gastón Paladini told media outlet AgFunder News that it plans to focus on more meat molecules and proteins in multiple R&D projects. He said that instead of extracting and purifying the animal protein from these ingredients, Moolec plans to sell the soy and pea proteins with the meat proteins embedded in the matrix.


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