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Meatable slashes cultivated pork production time by 50%

The Netherlands-based cultivated pork company, Meatable, has slashed its cell-based pork production time to just four days.

The company is now able to transform its pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) into high quality fat and muscle tissue in four days, down from eight days, which it says is a “faster process than any in the industry”.

This breakthrough – using Meatable’s patented Opti-Ox technology – will enable the production of cell-based meat significantly faster and at lower costs than industry norms. This is a major step towards the commercialisation of Meatable’s technology and, more broadly, towards the large-scale production of cell-based meat.

With its process enabling “cell-to-sausage” in four days, Meatable can produce high-quality cell-based meat at a significantly reduced cost. Slashing the cell differentiation timeframe by 50% means that Meatable’s process requires nearly half as many bioreactors at scale, cutting capex costs and enabling a more efficient use of production space.

By utilising less labour, energy, infrastructure, ingredients and water, Meatable’s process has become more scalable and cost-efficient, as well as more environmentally sustainable.

This new timeframe is around 60 times faster than the time it takes for farmers to rear a pig for pork and significantly faster than other cultivated meat processes. Additionally, the cell extraction process solely involves pulling a single cell once from a pig without causing harm.

Daan Luining, co-founder and CTO of Meatable, said: “This is truly a remarkable moment for Meatable and the cultivated meat industry as a whole, as we just made the fastest process in the industry that much faster. Achieving the ability to produce cultivated meat at scale and efficiency has been our goal from day one, and this step moves us significantly forward in fulfilling our promise...I’m proud to say that the reduction in cell differentiation time puts us on path to delivering our products cost efficient at scale.”


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