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Wilk releases yogurt developed using cell-cultured milk fat

Israeli food technology company, Wilk, has developed what it claims is the “world’s first” yogurt made using cell-culture milk fat.

The company says its concept product will prove the viability of its cell-based technology, minimising the need to use animals in future dairy production.

The product contains fat cultured from cells, retaining the inherent macro- and micronutrients only found in real milk fat.

Tomer Aizen, CEO of Wilk, commented:

“It has long been established that milk fat is integral to supporting human health and nutrition, aiding the absorption of key nutrients, such as vitamins D and E and calcium, into the blood while providing a rich source of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties”.

He continued: “These core properties cannot be replicated through alternative technologies, making Wilk the first company in the world to develop a dairy product containing genuine, cell-cultured milk fat. We will continue investing our efforts and resources to develop cell-cultured milk and breast milk components that will help our partners produce healthier products in a more sustainable manner.”

The project is expected to last six months, during which the company will increase the production capacity of cell-cultured fat in its facilities and establish optimal fat separation methods for use in foods.


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