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Vivici partners with Ginkgo Bioworks to advance alt-dairy protein production

Vivici has entered into a partnership with Ginkgo to advance the production of its sustainable dairy proteins made with precision fermentation.

Through the collaboration, Vivici will leverage Ginkgo's capabilities in strain engineering, optimisation and performance, to develop and commercialise the “next generation” of functional alternative proteins.

Vivici, a start-up founded by DSM Venturing (part of Dsm-Firmenich) and Fonterra, employs precision fermentation techniques to produce animal-free dairy proteins with microorganisms.

Ginkgo says it will “design and build an integrated library, screen for strains with the best protein expression, validate and grow the most promising hits, and then transfer the top performing strains to Vivici for evaluation”. The aim is for these strains to enable optimal protein expression, superior functionality, and commercial-level titers.

Stephan van Sint Fiet, CEO at Vivici, said: "We are thrilled to collaborate with Ginkgo. Ginkgo's scale and AI-driven approach to designing strains for protein expression is a differentiated offering. We are confident in Ginkgo's capabilities to provide efficient, scalable strains that can support Vivici's speed to market.”

Kevin Madden, SVP of commercialisation at Ginkgo Bioworks, commented: "We're so excited to support Vivici in its vision of meeting growing demand for animal-free protein alternatives. We're here to help Vivici deliver on the promise that precision fermentation can lead to planet-friendly nutrition. We believe our speed and experience with dairy protein development, ultra-high throughput screening and fermentation scale-up can enable Vivici to successfully expand its current protein portfolio and bring new solutions to market. We're eager to help Vivici enter the market as a provider of sustainable and nutritious animal-free protein solutions to a wide range of customers."

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