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Vital Meat submits pre-market dossier to launch cell-based chicken in Singapore

French cell-based meat company Vital Meat has submitted a novel food pre-market regulatory dossier to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) seeking approval to launch its cell-based chicken in the country.

If Vital Chicken receives SFA pre-market approval, Vital Meat will become the first European cell-based meat company to sell its products in Singapore, following US company Good Meat’s approval in the country.

Vital Meat's cell-based chicken products
Vital Meat's cell-based chicken products

In a statement posted to LinkedIn, Vital Meat said: “This milestone proves four key points in Vital Meat’s process. The safety and stability of the cell line, quality of the production process, validation of safety for human health (GMO-free, free from compounds of animal origin and antibiotics), and regular production of substantial quantities of Vital Chicken.”

It continued: “We are hopeful that in a few months, we’ll get the official approval to commercialise our Vital Chicken in Singapore”.

Vital Chicken is said to be nutritious, including nine essential amino acids, vitamin B12 and iron, while providing the authentic taste of traditional chicken meat.

The company says it is ready to launch products since it has achieved a scaling milestone in cultivating chicken, using a serum-free media developed by European media developer Biowest.

The company’s commercial activity will focus on the B2B market, offering Vital Chicken as an ingredient for hybrid products.

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