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Unico Nutrition and Perfect Day launch “first-ever” hybrid protein powder

Unico Nutrition has announced the reimagination of its Apollo protein powder, Apollo II, in partnership with precision fermentation company Perfect Day.

The new product combines Perfect Day’s whey protein made using precision fermentation, with Unico’s grass-fed animal-based protein, for a “kinder, greener formula” to boost performance.

According to Unico Nutrition, it is “the first in the industry and the world” to create a hybrid product that combines traditional dairy with Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein.

Apollo II protein powder

Perfect Day’s process uses microflora to produce proteins that are the same as those found in dairy products. It offers an advanced, sustainable dairy alternative that does not compromise on taste, texture or nutritional value. The precision fermentation process reduces water consumption up to 99%, greenhouse gas emissions up to 97% and energy use up to 60% compared to traditional production methods.

Lance Herrington, CEO and founder of Unico, said: “We chose to include Perfect Day’s ingredient in our flagship protein line because we believe that we have a responsibility to our customers, and to our planet, to be as ecologically efficient as we can – our goal is to consume the least amount of resources as possible in the production of our product, while still retaining its quality.”

He continued: “In partnering with Perfect Day, not only have we significantly reduced the carbon footprint of our manufacturing process, but we have also improved our product performance when it comes to macros and flavour”.

Unico says that the formula – which includes grass-fed milk protein, whey from fermentation and egg white – builds lean muscle more effectively than whey alone. The formula is optimised for diet and weight loss, as it uses crossflow filtration to remove excess fats, sugars and carbohydrates, helping to keep you full for 6-8 hours. It also includes added protease enzymes that are said to aid in digestion, eliminating bloating and discomfort.

Paul Vraciu, head of commercial at Perfect Day, commented: “This first-of-its-kind hybrid product, combining the best of traditional dairy and our dairy from fermentation, marks an exciting new chapter in how we are extending our kinder, greener impact. Unico’s Apollo II brings to life what’s possible when you are deeply committed to collaboration. We’re thrilled that we continue to find new ways to empower our B2B partners to meet the demands of their consumers without compromise.”

The new protein powder comes in Unico’s best-selling flavours: vanilla, chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, birthday cake, strawberry and banana, and is available to purchase now on the company’s website for $39.99.

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