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UK FSA publishes guidance for cell-based meat approval

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published a webpage to guide businesses on the authorisation process for cell-based food products in England and Wales.

The webpage provides information specific to companies producing cell-based meat and seafood products, providing guidance on how to receive novel foods authorisation.

The guidance covers the status of cell-based food products in the UK, how to apply for authorisation and what’s required in terms of food safety, labelling and research.

It also provides information and guidance on how to apply for authorisation for novel food products under genetic modification regulations. GMO regulations specifically apply to the modification of an organism's DNA in a way that does not occur naturally.

The webpage details the latest information on novel food-tasting trials. It says: “In 2002, the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes issued guidance on taste testing trials. If the taste test is solely to develop the food and doesn’t involve any publicity or other marketing, it is permitted as part of the research in developing the novel food. If the object is publicity, then this is regarded as marketing.”

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