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TurtleTree secures precision fermentation dairy industry’s "first-ever" vegan certification

Precision fermentation dairy company TurtleTree has had its animal-free lactoferrin (LF+) certified as vegan by Vegan Action.

According to TurtleTree, Vegan Action is the most recognised vegan certification provider in the US.

This milestone establishes TurtleTree as the “first precision fermentation dairy company globally” to obtain vegan certification, and the “first-ever” to receive the ‘Certified Vegan’ logo, since its launch 24 years ago.

TurtleTree has secured vegan certification for its bioidentical dairy protein, LF+, which confirms the company’s strict adherence to the highest ethical standards. In turn, TurtleTree aims to set a precedent that can help create a standardised definition of veganism in the context of precision fermentation.

TurtleTree's certification by Vegan Action adhered to rigorous criteria, guaranteeing the exclusion of animal products, byproducts and animal testing. LF+ is now the only vegan lactoferrin on the market.

Fengru Lin, CEO and co-founder of TurtleTree, said: “With this certification, we are putting words into action and allowing that action to be validated by a third party. We want to build a food system that is sustainable and enables animals to live happier and healthier lives. As conscious consumers increasingly prioritise ethical choices, we aim to provide food and beverage brands with the unwavering confidence that our products align seamlessly with those evolving values.”

Krissi Vandenberg, director of Vegan Action, commented: "We were thrilled to get TurtleTree’s product ‘Vegan Certified’ because of the clear benchmark this sets for the rest of the industry. TurtleTree's dedication to ethical practices and transparency is commendable and will undoubtedly inspire other precision fermentation companies. This certification demonstrates the tangible steps companies can take to validate and communicate their values to customers, underlining a collective commitment to ethical standards."

The Certified Vegan logo from Vegan Action is now on TurtleTree’s LF+ packaging.


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