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The Cultivated B unveils bioreactor control software

The Cultivated B (TCB) has announced its new bioreactor monitoring and control software, set to “revolutionise” bioprocessing with user-friendly, remote capabilities.

The new tech enables a real-time, application-based, personalised user interface with added remote accessibility for its AUXO V bioreactors.

The software, which is accessible via the control tower or remotely via phone- and web-based software, marks a leap forward in the cell-based meat industry, offering convenience, flexibility and efficiency for expert and non-expert users to manage bioprocesses.

TCB’s commercially available bioreactor, AUXO V, can be monitored and controlled by anyone, from any location with only a few days of training.

TCB's CEO Hamid Noori said: “Our new bioreactor user interface embodies TCB’s commitment to innovation and flexibility for users, helping to scale the cultivated meat industry. Now, extremely complex processes can be run with the ease of a household device. This technology is more than just a product; it is another proof point in our vision of a world where cultivated meat is easily accessible.”

He continued: “In order to industrialise sustainable protein production, it is essential that a larger workforce can be trained on new processes, rather than building operations around experts only. We believe that by simplifying the monitoring and control of the production process and making it accessible anywhere at any time, we can significantly accelerate the pace at which cultivated meat reaches mass adoption.”

The new bioreactor control software is tailored to meet the needs of user groups with different experience levels, including existing as well as new user groups. Remote monitoring benefits include increased flexibility, with the choice between direct or remote control of bioprocesses. Sustained monitoring, with 24/7 availability allowing rapid intervention in the event of irregularities. Optimised allocation of workforce eliminates the need for users to remain onsite by automating processes.

The monitoring technology is also a strategic response to the global shortage of expertise and skilled workers needed to scale the cell-based meat industry. TCB equips the AUXO V bioreactor with a user interface that features three levels of detail: Operate – pre-programmed recipes allow seamless operation for non-experts. Explore – the ability to adjust key parameters at detailed levels (for example temperature, pH or oxygen). Develop – provides access collected data outside of the production cycle to refine and further enhance individual processes.

The multi-use bioreactors are cost-effective, flexible and customisable, designed to offer a unique combination of utility and sustainability. They are equipped with multiple sensors and optimised impellers for different organisms, such as avian and mammalian cells, bacteria or yeast. Short delivery times, modular design and a customer-centric control system make the AUXO V bioreactor a “huge accelerator,” equipped with novel technology for quick adoption in a rapidly changing market environment.

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