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Superbrewed Food secures patent for postbiotic protein ingredient

Biomass fermentation start-up Superbrewed Food has announced the approval of US Patent Application Publication for its postbiotic protein ingredient.

The granted patent application relates to a “composition of matter” and offers broad protection for the production, use and commercialisation of bacterial biomass ingredients.

Superbrewed Food’s postbiotic protein patent secures key protections, such as covering all forms of bacterial-biomass proteins, including natural, non-GMO and GMO organisms, with a protein content of 60% or higher – the minimum requirement for effective use as a food ingredient. The patent also includes coverage of all production methods, such as aerobic and anaerobic, and encompasses all forms of feedstock like sugar, agricultural waste and CO2.

The ingredient extends coverage to the use of biomass protein in food products. Additionally, it ensures long-term protection, extending through 2042.

The postbiotic protein is animal- and allergen-free, non-GMO and highly functional, making it a versatile option for replacing or complementing animal and plant proteins in many existing and new food formulations. Brand owners in dairy, health and sports nutrition, meat, sauces, confectionery, snacks and bakery products can now opt to improve the nutritional content in their product updates.

According to the company, postbiotic protein is particularly suitable for meeting consumer demand in the ‘better for you’ category.

Bryan Tracy, CEO and co-founder of Superbrewed Food, said: “Securing this patent celebrates the tremendous efforts of Superbrewed Food’s innovation team, and it represents a true breakthrough in food ingredients”.

“We are excited to provide unique combinations of benefits and strong IP protection to our customers in the fast-growing and competitive alternative protein market. And most importantly, consumers are soon to have access to a new class of proteins that deliver all aspects of better eating.”

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