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Steakholder Foods launches ink for 3D-printed beef steaks

Steakholder Foods has unveiled its SH Beef Steak Ink, an innovation designed to “revolutionise” the future of sustainable 3D printed meat production.

The deep-tech food company says that the bio-ink – which is formulated for use with its fusion printer technology – could take cell-based meat to new levels of realism and culinary versatility.

Steakholder Foods beef ink

The ink has been crafted to mimic the fibrous texture, appearance and taste of a premium beef steak, to provide an authentic experience. It allows for customised cuts of meat tailored to individual preferences and accentuates the natural flavours of the cultivated meat.

The launch is the latest in Steakholder Foods' broader business strategy, SH Beef Steak Ink is a “stepping stone” in the company's journey to diversify the world's food portfolio.

Building on the success of SH Fish Ink, this addition further expands Steakholder Foods’ lines of specialised inks, with the company planning to launch pork and shrimp inks in the future.

Itamar Atzmony, chief engineering officer at Steakholder Foods, said: "Our mastery in 3D printing technologies extends beyond our existing fish and new beef inks, to a rich tapestry of species, offering a sustainable and ethical answer to global food security challenges. With our plant-based SH Inks as the canvas and cultivated cells as the brush strokes, we're not just recreating meat and fish with our 3D printing technology; we're revolutionising the future of food, one print at a time."

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