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Steakholder Foods introduces plant-based 3D-printed eel

Steakholder Foods, an Israeli company specialising in cell-based meat products, has introduced what it claims is the "world's first" plant-based 3D-printed eel.

According to Steakholder Foods, the product "accurately replicates the complex texture of eel" through precise layering and "a unique combination of materials" in its proprietary 3D printing technology. The eel product is currently based on plant materials, with plans to incorporate cultivated eel cells in the future, "as economies of scale allow price-competitive cell development," said the business.

Steakholder Foods' printing process allows for a significant reduction in ingredients compared to typical plant-based alternatives in its 3D-printed product.

3D-printed eel

The Israeli firm said that it is seeking collaborations to commercialise its plant-based printed eel by providing proprietary 3D printers and ink, capable of generating short-term revenues. Steakholder Foods expects that its partners and customers – utilising the company's current technology capabilities – can achieve large-scale production of 3D-printed eel at a competitive price, enabling them to address the cost challenges associated with the current global prices of eel.

Arik Kaufman, CEO of Steakholder Foods, said: "The launch of our printed eel marks a pivotal moment in the seafood industry, showcasing the vast potential of our DropJet technology – Steakholder Foods' solution for fish and seafood printing".

He continued: "This technology is designed to enable partners to generate products on a potential industrial scale of hundreds of tons monthly, not only at lower costs compared to wild eel, but also with the flexibility to create a variety of printed products using the same production line. Such versatility could significantly boost profitability for food companies and lead the way to a shift towards more efficient and sustainable practices in the industry. This product exemplifies the broader possibilities our technology offers our partners."

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