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Steakholder Foods initiates life-cycle assessment process for its 3D bioprinter

Steakholder Foods has announced it is completing a comprehensive life-cycle assessment (LCA) process and scenario analysis, with the backing of the government-funded Israel Resource Efficiency Center.

The LCA, which is aligned with the company's strategic objective of advancing its 3D printing technology towards commercialisation, is being subsidised as part of a government plan to assist manufacturing plants in both cost savings and sustainability efforts.

The LCA process is designed to result in a comprehensive plan aimed at streamlining operations, increasing productivity and optimising Steakholder Foods’ production processes.

The analysis is expected to support the development of a strategic roadmap that will help guide decisions to be taken by the company's management while refining and bolstering the its sustainability strategy, helping to align Steakholder Foods with regulatory standards and support for global sustainable development goals.

Avraham Hampel, VP of corporate development, at Steakholder Foods, said: “The LCA is the first step in Steakholder Foods' two-pronged approach to sustainability and ESG considerations, aiming for compliance in an evolving regulatory landscape, while improving process efficiency at all stages of production of our novel 3D bioprinting products”.

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