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South Korea’s Simple Planet plans to bring cell-based meat powder to US

South Korean bio-tech food company Simple Planet has unveiled plans to tap into the global market by establishing branches in North America in Q2 2023.

The company’s cell line development platform specialised in mass production, has enabled the establishment of 13 different cell lines to date, producing different kinds of animal proteins and fats.

Simple Planet has developed a low-cost probiotics-based serum-free edible culture medium to replace the conventional FBS (foetal bovine serum), which currently accounts for over 80% of cell-based food production costs.

This cost reduction along with plans to establish branches in the US and Canada will enable faster entry towards the commercialisation of cell-based food.

Instead of growing pieces of meat or seafood, Simple Planet produces cell-based meat powder and paste and cultivated unsaturated fats. Its products are designed to improve the nutritional profile of foods while enhancing flavour.

Simple Planet says that the high-protein powders and customisable unsaturated fatty acids can be “used as food ingredients with unlimited applications”. They can enhance absorption and improve the flavour and the nutritional structure of any conventional food product and can also be used as specialized functional ingredients targeting seniors and infants.

The company says the products’ versatility will allow the ingredients to enter the market more easily than finished products.

Il Doo Jeong, CEO of Simple Planet, said: “Simple Planet’s cell-based food ingredients will be supplied diversely as target materials in the global cultivated meat market, and we are preparing for commercialisation and global market entry starting with the establishment of our North American branches in the second half of 2023”.


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