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South African cell-based meat company rebrands as Newform Foods

Cape Town-based cell-based meat start-up Mzansi Meat has rebranded to Newform Foods.

The company was launched in 2020 with the aim to cultivate products specifically tailored to traditional African dishes and cooking methods.

Newform confirmed its new identity through a social media post:

Newform Foods boasts continent-spanning capabilities with R&D operations in South Africa and a commercial hub opening in the UK this year.

Brett Thompson, CEO and co-founder of Newform, said: “Today’s conventional meat industry is fraught with issues, from the extensive use of antibiotics to the inhumane treatment of animals and severe environmental impact. We provide a sustainable and efficient solution to these challenges by making cultivated animal products mainstream. Our focus is on the development of a humane, sustainable alternative to conventional meat production.”

The company’s proprietary bioproduction process is said to significantly reduce the cost and time required to create cell-based animal products. Newform leverages over 20 years of experience in the alt-protein and biotech industries to bring innovative solutions to the market. Its diverse team of engineers and scientists have developed a bio platform offering end-to-end solutions from prototype to pilot and beyond, simplifying the journey from lab to market.

After successfully trialling a prototype and developing plans to take it to pilot, the company says it is already in early-stage conversations with retailers, food manufacturers and meat companies looking to be part of the future of food.

“Our vision is a world where sustainable, harm-free food systems deliver delicious, nutritious, cultivated food at cost parity,” Thompson added. “By leveraging food science and cost-efficiency, we’re turning this vision into reality.”

The news follows last week's announcement from Singapore-based cultivated seafood company Umami Meats, which revealed its new identity as Umami Bioworks.

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