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Solar Biotech announces acquisition of Noblegen

US-based provider of sustainable and scalable biomanufacturing solutions, Solar Biotech, has acquired Canadian digital biology company Noblegen.

Noblegen now operates under the name Solar Biotech Canada, continuing as the organisation's food-grade-certified biomanufacturing and R&D hub in Canada.

The new company will leverage both partners' strengths in microbiology and biomanufacturing to offer “revolutionary” biotech and synthetic biology solutions for a wide range of applications.

Solar Biotech Canada aims to bolster the bio-economy by “supporting start-up innovators' ideation, technology development and scale-up at the development and production phases”. It will focus on supporting the development of processes and products from a wide diversity of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and microalgae.

Alex Berlin, CEO of Solar Biotech and chairman of Solar Biotech Canada, said: “This is a significant step forward for Solar Biotech and its industrial partners since it immediately brings online much-needed capacity and expertise in the biomanufacturing industry. We are bringing together two innovative companies with complementary intellectual property portfolios and sector experience that will help us make a lasting impact on the world."

Mark Iliopoulos, Noblegen’s VP of business and commercial operations Canada, added: "At the core of Solar Biotech Canada is the reality that real solutions to real problems can only be achieved through collaboration and joint efforts. Through Solar Biotech Canada, we will empower innovation and emerging technologies to market sooner. We encourage companies seeking support in scaling, optimising and commercialising their technology to connect with us."

Solar Biotech Canada plans to leverage government support to develop its industrial site in Peterborough, Ontario. The Peterborough-based biomanufacturing facility, which the company says can be operated with nearly 100%-emissions-free energy, comprises a fully equipped biomanufacturing hub with a total nominal capacity of over 160,000 litres of upstream precision fermentation and extensive downstream processing equipment, including spray- and freeze-drying, and innovation and analytical labs.


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