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Senara unveils cell-based milk technology

German alternative-milk start-up Senara claims it has developed a platform that can cultivate milk at a low cost.

The company uses a selection process to choose the best cells from milk – instead of taking animal samples – to grow them in bioreactors using a “continuous, high-throughput process” that reduces production costs.

The final product is real milk – not a plant-derived alternative – and contains all essential milk nutrients such as lactose, casein, whey and micronutrients.

The final product is also free from bacteria and yeasts and can be customised to be more digestible, fatty or lactose-free.

In a statement, Senara said: “We select only the best type of lactating cells isolated from the milk of healthy cows. Our animal-friendly extraction procedure from fresh milk presents a renewable and sustainable resource that ensures a limited process downtime. Our cultivation process allows high-scale production, making price parity feasible. Our bioreactors are more energy efficient, use less media and allow cartridge recycling.”

It continued: “Our milk is cleaner, healthier, and more animal friendly. Our cell-cultivated milk is scalable and versatile, transforming into your favourite cheeses, yogurt and even ice cream."

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