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ScaleUp Bio announces first customers, supporting global food innovation

Singapore-based CDMO ScaleUp Bio has announced an initial list of customers, aiding them in scaling up to pilot-scale commercial production.

The company has entered into a collaboration agreement with Nourish Ingredients, to support its Asian growth strategy. ScaleUp Bio has also signed letters of intent with US-based C16 Biosciences, Malaysia’s Ultimeat and Singapore’s Allium Bio to explore the development of sustainable ingredients for the Asian market.

Nourish Ingredients, C16 Biosciences, Ultimeat and Allium Bio – amongst other prospective customers – leverage microbial and precision fermentation to develop sustainably produced ingredients for novel foods.

Charged to fulfil critical scaling-up gaps faced by global food-tech innovators, ScaleUp Bio delivers a blend of facilities, expertise, experience and essential services through a CDMO fee-for-service business model. Both start-ups and established companies seeking to develop novel food innovations from bench to market, can benefit from ScaleUp Bio’s offerings.

Francisco Codoñer, CEO of ScaleUp Bio, said: “These companies recognise the significant growth opportunities for novel foods across Asia and understand the truly unique advantages ScaleUp Bio offers, enabling them to achieve their strategic business objectives and together, empowering the next food revolution.”

The collaboration with Australia’s Nourish Ingredients is set to bring sustainable fermentation-based speciality fats to an Asian audience. ScaleUp Bio is uniquely positioned via its specialised expertise to deliver assistance, insights and regulatory advice for companies to succeed in Asia. The partnership will support 10,000 litres of fermentation capacity as well as 100 litres of thermal processing, to successfully scale production of speciality fats and unlock flavour for the next generation of plant-based proteins.

James Petrie, CEO of Nourish Ingredients, commented: “Working with ScaleUp Bio will give us invaluable access to technical expertise and food-grade facilities, to help scale our fats. We look forward to deepening and expanding our partnership in the coming months.”

New facilities

ScaleUp Bio has also announced that it is in the final, pre-operational phase to open “Signapore’s first” dedicated food-grade submerged microbial and precision fermentation facilities. The two facilities are designed to support two ScaleUp growth areas: R&D and pilot-stage manufacturing.

The first facility, the Fermentation Joint Lab, is a R&D lab that will enable food-tech start-ups to explore ideas for new food innovations with equipment dedicated for food-grade fermentation purposes. It offers facilities and equipment calibrated for the unique needs of the alternative food industry. This is an important distinction, as previously, most food-tech start-up companies had to contend with laboratory facilities and equipment not previously calibrated for the food industry.

ScaleUp Bio’s second facility is a fully owned, dedicated, food-grade commercial production fermentation facility. It offers up to 10,000 litres of fermentation capacity for pilot-stage manufacturing. It will incorporate innovation hubs and technical specialists to ensure quality control and safe production standards.


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