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Roslin Technologies gets “multi-million dollar” investment from Kickstart Ventures

Roslin Technologies, a food-tech company based in Edinburgh, UK, has announced Kickstart Ventures as a new investor in the company.

A spokesperson for Roslin Tech told FoodBev the investment was "multi-million dollar".

Philippines-based venture capital firm Kickstart Ventures’ investment was made through the Ayala Corporation Technology Innovation Venture (ACTIVE) Fund, to support Roslin Technologies’ mission to become the leading provider of animal cell lines to the global cell-based meat industry.

Roslin Technologies said that it is “leading the field” in its development of pluripotent animal stem cells. The cells have the capacity to self-renew indefinitely and differentiate into desired end-tissues for the cell-based meat industry, such as fat and muscle cells.

Roslin Technologies is making these cells available to cell-based meat producers globally, currently with customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

The strategic investment from Kickstart Ventures is set to strengthen Roslin Technologies’ footprint in Asia, while expanding its international shareholder base which already includes investors from the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.

Minette Navarrete, president and co-founder of Kickstart Ventures, said: "The ACTIVE Fund’s investment in Roslin Tech feeds into our thesis of ‘A World of Plenty,’ which invests in the future of resource availability – particularly in innovative technologies that reframe the scarcity and abundance of resources”.

She continued: “This investment is meaningful for the future of food security globally, especially in emerging markets like the Philippines. The persistent and complex issue of food insecurity demands multiple transformative solutions. The world's capacity to feed a growing population is limited.”

“Roslin Tech offers a solution that augments this limited capacity at scale, and with speed. Roslin Tech, with its scalable, IP-rich approach and innovative technology, offers a compelling and commercially attractive solution.”

Kickstart is wholly owned by Globe Telecom, the Philippines' leading mobile operator.


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