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Pureture partners with South Korean dairy manufacturer Namyang

Pureture, (formerly Armored Fresh Technologies), a US biotech specialising in the production of functional animal-free ingredients, has partnered with Namyang Dairy Products.

Namyang produces milk, yogurt, cheese, cream and butter, for markets in more than 20 countries. The dairy giant will use Pureture’s plant-based casein to develop and introduce a new plant-based dairy range to offer consumers sustainable options.

Pureture says it has developed the “world’s first” non-GMO plant-based casein. The protein is yeast-derived and enables manufacturers to develop clean-label, dairy-free products without additives, emulsifiers, or binders, according to the biotech company.

Pureture aims to reach a manufacturing capacity of 2,400 tons to meet growing demand. It says it offers a “competitive price,” which is around 30-40% lower than the average cost of casein.

Rudy Yoo, founder and CEO of Pureture, said: “Our mission at Pureture is to develop technologies and further foods that will contribute to a more sustainable future, and we couldn’t be prouder to partner with Namyang with this breakthrough protein, working closely with them as they grow their plant-based offering.”

Myko Kihyun Nam, CMO at Namyang Dairy Products, commented: “With the partnership with Pureture, we will now be able to offer dairy-free, 100% plant-based products without any sacrifice from the consumers regarding taste, nutrition, and cost".

Pureture has also announced that it is finalising a $12 million seed funding round that will support the brand's development and build out its manufacturing facility.

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