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Public tasting of Formo’s animal-free cheese and egg products

Cellular agriculture investor Agronomics has announced that it has hosted a UK tasting in partnership with its portfolio company Formo Bio.

Berlin-based food tech start-up Formo is Europe's “first” cellular agriculture company developing animal-free dairy products using real, nature-identical milk proteins derived from precision fermentation.

Investors, partners and members of the press were invited to a tasting experience in which Formo's animal-free cheese and egg products, created through precision fermentation, were included in a menu designed by Chef Allan Pickett.

Guests were treated to dishes ranging from egg sliders and quiche to cheese platters and cheesecake, with the dairy products made through precision fermentation.

According to Agronomics, Formo's cheeses have the same taste, texture and functional properties as animal-derived cheeses, but come at a “substantially lower cost for the environment, human health and animal welfare”. Formo says that precision fermentation can reduce GHG emissions by over 90%, water consumption by more than 95%, energy consumption by 60% and land usage by 99%.

Jim Mellon, co-founder and executive director of Agronomics, said: "We have been fervent supporters of Formo and its technology since the company was founded. In just four years, Formo has made unprecedented progress and is now delivering delicious, animal-free dairy products direct to people's plates."

He continued: "This latest event demonstrates how the company is transforming the dairy industry, using its novel technologies to tackle climate change, improve our environment and reduce the suffering of animals without compromising the foods we love to eat".


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