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Pluri receives "first-ever" patent approval for 3D bioreactor technology

Israeli biotech company Pluri has announced that it has received a new patent approval for its 3D bioreactor technology for use in plant cell cultivation.

The patent, titled 'A System for 3D Cultivation of Plant Cells and Methods of Use,' represents a breakthrough in Pluri's proprietary technology and is set to enable the efficient cultivation of plant cells across various applications, from sustainable agriculture to critical healthcare solutions.

An immediate application for the patent is PluriAgtech’s sustainable cell-based coffee. The 3D cell expansion technology can produce high-quality coffee with 98% less water and 95% less growing area than traditional coffee cultivation.

Yaky Yanay, Pluri's CEO and president, said: “PluriAgtech’s patented technology can be used for a wide range of plant cell products like food and beverages, medicine, ingredients and more. We see many opportunities in the ag-tech space, where Pluri is on the forefront of providing sustainable solutions for humanity’s greatest challenges both through our own proprietary products and in conjunction with potential partners.”

The company launched its new cell-based coffee product last week, which is designed to address the growing demand for sustainable, high-quality coffee at mass-scale production. 

Pluri is developing plant cell-based, industrial-scale manufacturing solutions for the coffee industry using its 3D cell expansion technology, under its new business vertical, PluriAgtech. The company said that PluriAgtech aims to create eco-friendly alternatives to traditional farming methods by using cell technology. 

Cells made into ground coffee

PluriAgtech's cell-based coffee aims to solve industry challenges while delivering authentic flavour. Compared to traditional methods, it could cut water usage by 98%. The new product also minimises the environmental impact of coffee production, which is crucial as regulations tighten and demand for coffee is projected to triple by 2050.


Pluri aims to establish its cell-based coffee as a new subsidiary focused on developing innovative products, technologies and intellectual property within the coffee industry.

Pluri’s cell-based coffee

Pluri’s president and CEO, Yaky Yanay, said: “We believe deeply in the power of cell technology to make farming and food cultivation more productive and sustainable. Pluri’s advanced agtech solutions potentially reduce the environmental footprint of traditional agricultural production. PluriAgtech can deliver numerous solutions ranging from products like cell-based coffee to bioactive in order to address the biggest challenges in agriculture. We see great interest in the development of additional cell-based products under the PluriAgtech vertical from potential partners. We are excited about the opportunities presented by cell-based coffee.” 


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