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Plant Molecular Farming for Alternative Proteins & Agbio Summit

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The Plant Molecular Farming for Alternative Proteins and Agbio Summit is a networking and knowledge-sharing event for pioneering companies in the molecular farming sector.

With the flux of investments and innovative technologies within the plant molecular farming field starting to bloom, including the likes of Moolec Science, Miruku and BioBetter progressing their farming efforts, now is a critical window in which molecular farming pioneers must take advantage of innovative expression platforms and downstream technologies to overperform with yields, taste, texture and nutrient profiles.

Collating these established players alongside 60+ senior industry pioneers, the Plant Molecular Farming for Alternative Proteins & Agbio Summit is the 'first and only' industry-led summit dedicated to molecular farming, uniting all relevant stakeholders across ag-biotech, ingredient suppliers, big seed and academia.

Join your peers to explore technical seed modifications refining functionality and sensory characteristics, leverage and optimise downstream infrastructure to produce safe, quality proteins and growth factors, adopt expert regulatory insights to implement good management practices for molecular farming efforts and develop a strong business model surrounding your molecular farming process for stakeholder attraction. 

Network with C-level pioneers, innovation leads, product development experts and regulators from the likes of the FDA, USDA, The Good Food Institute, Impossible Foods, BioBetter, Core Biogenesis, Mozza Foods and Forte Protein as they take you on their upstream and downstream journeys to produce quality proteins and growth factors that unlock new commercial potential.

Moreover, this event offers bespoke partnership packages to aid in the elevation of your company’s brand. Join us there to speak to the community and adopt a competitive edge in depicting yourself as a quality solution provider in the space, networking with 60+ decision makers to highlight your organisation as the go-to solution provider in the space.

The jam-packed three-day agenda features a full pre-conference workshop day and two conference days, including:

  • GFI and C-suite-led workshops, where you will exceed both technical and commercial objectives for your molecular farming-derived products

  • Established and innovative ingredient suppliers, big seed, and academia discussing pre-competitive collaboration

  • Deep dives into case studies and interactive discussions regarding molecular farming and partnership interactions

  • Interactive sessions to hear answers from regulatory authorities and C-level pioneers

  • Regular networking sessions to meet all 60+ leaders in the room, enhancing 1-1 relationship building and product inspiration

The summit will be held at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, North Carolina, US, from 11-13 June 2024.

Download the brand new and exclusive event guide for the full details here.

This is a must-attend summit for the pursuit of new frontiers and sustainable proteins, growth factors and ingredients through bio-factories, providing cutting-edge content on genetic engineering precision and quality production in the now critical window for molecular farming pioneers. 

Secure your place now on the Plant Molecular Farming for Alternative Proteins & Agbio Summit website and claim group discounts for your team when you register three or more delegates.

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