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Opo Bio launches porcine cell range, named Opo-Oink

New Zealand-based cell line start-up, Opo Bio, has launched Opo-Oink, a porcine cell range for cell-based pork production.

The initial product range features primary porcine satellite cells, pre-adipocytes and fibroblasts – sourced from New Zealand's high-health status livestock.

In a statement made on LinkedIn, Opo Bio said: “At Opo, we believe in ethical standards and traceability. That’s why all our animal donors are raised with utmost care and integrity on our partner farms throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand.”

Opo was founded in July 2022 to develop primary cells and cell lines – just after founding, after raising $1.5 million, the company launched its first range of research products. Branded Opo-Moo, the range includes primary bovine satellite cells, pre-adipocytes and fibroblasts from both Angus and Wagyu breeds.

Dutch cell-based pork start-up Meatable's cultured sausage
Dutch cell-based pork start-up Meatable's cultured sausage

Opo offers various services which it intends to propel the cell-based food industry. Standard protocols and procedures – the start-up provides tried-and-tested protocols and procedures to ensure consistent and reliable results. It also recommends growth media and consumables, arming manufacturers with the precise tools and resources needed for optimal cell culture.

Finally, Opo gives access to its technical experts – the team of experts supports manufacturers "every step of the way,” ensuring any research journey is smooth sailing.


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