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Nourish Ingredients unveils “world’s first” animal-free fat

Food-tech company Nourish Ingredients has unveiled what it says could be the “world’s first” animal-free fat, Tastilux, made through precision fermentation.

Tastilux is said to deliver an authentic, meaty flavour and cooking performance without animal ingredients or artificial chemicals. The fat, derived from nature and scaled through precision fermentation, is designed to provide manufacturers with a fat that cooks, smells and tastes just like traditional meat for consumers.

Developed over three years by Nourish Ingredients’ scientists, the Tastilux focuses on recreating the most flavourful fats found inside animal meat, using lipids found in nature. The company says that the fat provides the “distinct taste and aroma of traditional meat fats and enables real cooking reactions when used in plant-based chicken, beef, pork and other proteins”.

James Petrie, founder & CEO of Nourish Ingredients, said: “Tastilux represents a quantum leap in making plant-based meats live up to the rich, fatty taste and cooking performance consumers want and love. We saw an opportunity to revolutionise plant proteins by focusing on the power of fat. Most alternative fats simply can’t replicate the rich, authentic flavour of cooked meat.”

He continued: “Rather than take a plant-based approach, we analysed the most flavourful animal fats in their uncooked state. Then identified where we could find these in nature, without the animal. By fermenting only the most potent fats, we’re able to recreate the authentic meat experience. Our unique process unlocks new possibilities for plant protein foods to deliver the satisfying taste and texture consumers crave.”

Nourish Ingredients says it is working closely with global food and ingredient leaders to incorporate Tastilux into a wide range of products.

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