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  • Writer's picturePhoebe Fraser

Newform Foods partners with Mane to improve taste, texture and affordability of cell-based meat

South African cell-based meat company Newform Foods – formerly Mzansi Meat – has partnered with French flavour and fragrances supplier Mane.

Through the strategic partnership, the companies aim to focus on the taste and texture of cell-based meat as well as the development of cost-effective products, leveraging Mane’s experience in food and flavour to enhance the cultivated muscle and fat across species and products.

In line with the companies’ focus on affordability, they plan to will start by introducing hybrid options that combine cultivated meat with plant-based protein.

Mane’s VP of savoury category EMEA, Eric Davodeau, and Luis Fernandez, VP of strategy development, said: “The Newform Foods team will work alongside Mane's Cape Town and Mane Corporate teams to advance this project, with access to applicative, analytic, regulatory and sensory flavour sciences to new product development from Newform Foods. As leaders in flavour, functional blends and seasonings, we’re excited to expand our offering and give consumers a taste of what’s possible when innovation and food expertise come together.”

Newform Foods' cell-based meat

Tasneem Karodia, Newform Foods co-founder and COO, added: “We aim to create hybrid cultivated meat products that will blend with plant-based protein to elevate the taste, texture, colour and flavour of what’s currently on the market. While Newform Foods is working to reach scale and price parity with conventional meat, hybrid products will be the first to hit the market.”

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