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New Culture to launch animal-free dairy mozzarella

Animal-free dairy company New Culture announced that it will be launching its first product – mozzarella cheese – in collaboration with award-winning chef Nancy Silverton.

New Culture replaces the essential dairy protein in cheese – called casein – with its own animal-free version that the company produces using precision fermentation.

According to New Culture, the mozzarella will be the “first cheese in the world made with animal-free casein”.

New Culture’s cell-based mozzarella will be served at Silverton’s Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles, US, slated to start in early June 2024.

The company says that “this historic announcement represents a critical milestone for the first-ever animal-free, dairy mozzarella to be available to consumers”.

New Culture says it is leading the global transition to an animal-free dairy future by making melty, stretchy dairy cheese without any animal inputs, starting with mozzarella.

The company uses fermentation to produce the cheese that it says “tastes just like conventional cheese,” but is much more sustainable, healthier and better for the global food system.

Inja Radman, CSO and co-founder of New Culture, said: “We believe consumers shouldn't have to compromise on stretch, melt, taste or sustainability when enjoying their favourite cheeses and we can't wait to see New Culture mozzarella on pizzeria menus nationwide, starting at Pizzeria Mozza”.

New Culture’s mozzarella is free from cholesterol, lactose and trace hormones and antibiotics, while having the versatility to bake, bubble and brown in wood-fired, gas and electric ovens. The company’s approach to cheesemaking cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions and water, land and energy usage.

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