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Nūmi raises €3m in pre-seed funding

French start-up Nūmi has raised €3 million in pre-seed funding to expand its R&D and recruit new scientists.

Nūmi, which makes cultivated breast milk using mammary gland cell cultures, recreates the optimal environment for the development of mammary glands, feeding them with nutrients to produce breast milk.

The funding round was backed by tech investors including Heartcore Capital, HCVC, Financière Saint James and Kima Ventures Kost Capital. These funds’ portfolios boast start-ups such as Gourmey, Neoplants , La Vie, Automata and Ark Biotech.

In a statement on LinkedIn, Nūmi said: "This financing will enable us to recruit talented scientists who will help us in our ambitious mission to set new standards in infant nutrition by making the unparalleled benefits of breast milk accessible to all. We're entering a phase of R&D acceleration, and we couldn't be more excited about the challenges ahead!”

The company rebranded as Nūmi last month – it was formerly known as MuMilk.

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