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Mylkcubator announces first incubator start-ups

Global incubator for advancements in the dairy industry, Mylkcubator, has launched its first edition with the selection of four start-ups.

The opening edition was launched by Pascual Innoventures in collaboration with Eatable Adventures, and will enable the chosen start-ups to “lay the foundations for a new path of development and innovation for the dairy industry and respond to the big challenges it faces”.

Sejal Ravji, director of Pascual Innoventures, said:

“Mylkcubator launches its first edition with the aim of marking a dramatic before and after in food innovation. I think we are facing global challenges that can only be resolved thanks to bold bets like this; it’s a starting point for the development of the dairy products of the future. It’s a very ambitious project at many levels, including technological, but we’re partnering with leading experts, companies and investors from all over the world who share our vision to make it happen.”

The selected start-ups include:

  • Real Deal Milk (Spain): Uses precision fermentation to develop dairy products that are nutritionally and gastronomically identical to their traditional dairy counterparts.

  • Zero Cow factory (India): Produces dairy products using microbial bioengineering and precision fermentation.

  • De Novo Dairy (South Africa): Uses precision fermentation technology to produce animal-free dairy proteins that “provide the same sensory experience and nutrition” as dairy.

  • M2Factors (US): 108Lab’s subsidiary M2Factors is accelerating the state-of-the-art in cell-cultured dairy with the aim of reducing the cost of production.

The incubation programme will begin with its first sessions in order to determine the state of development of each project (at a business and technical level), with guidance from Pascual Innoventures, Eatable Adventures and the investors and partners involved.


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