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Mosa Meat ramps up cultivated beef production capacity

Mosa Meat is scaling up its cultured beef production to industrial levels after co-founder Mark Post debuted the first cultivated hamburger in 2013.

A new industrial production development centre is being developed near to Mosa Meat’s existing pilot facility in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

After demonstrating its process at pilot scale, Mosa Meat says that it is ready for the next phase of its expansion, featuring industrial-size production lines that enable larger quantities of beef.

“We’ve expanded our space by 30,000-square-feet in our next phase, which brings Mosa Meat’s total footprint to over 77,000-square-feet,” said Maarten Bosch, CEO of Mosa Meat. “This makes us the largest cultivated meat campus in the world and provides a solid foundation for our European and global commercialisation plans.”

Mosa Meat’s mission is to help to fundamentally reshape the global food system, and it is focusing on offering an alternative to traditional beef as the protein with the biggest carbon footprint.


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