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MeaTech 3D prints “largest” cultivated steak

Israeli cultivated meat producer MeaTech 3D has created a 3.67oz steak composed of bovine fat and muscle cells using 3D bioprinting.

According to MeaTech, the steak is the largest produced to date using this method.

The cells used to make the steak were produced using its own in-house 3D bioprinter. The process started by isolating cow stem cells from tissue samples and multiplying them.

After reaching sufficient cellular mass, stem cells were formulated into bio-inks compatible with the company’s proprietary 3D bioprinter and then placed in an incubator to mature into fat and muscle.

The cultivated steak contains no soy or pea protein. MeaTech aims to develop a replacement for traditional steak that maximises cell-based content rather than plant-based ingredients.

MeaTech’s CEO and CTO, Sharon Fima, said:

“Today’s breakthrough is the culmination of over one year’s efforts in our cellular biology and high-throughput tissue engineering processes, as well as our precision bioprinting technology”.

She added: “By bioprinting a 3.67oz steak comprised of living tissue, we believe we have both validated our core technologies and placed ourselves at the forefront of the race to develop high-end, real cell-based cultivated premium meat products”.


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