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Meatafora advances mission to bring cell-based meat to market

Israel-based Meatafora is breaking ground with its newest tech that could bring the company closer to entering the marketplace with a premium cell-based meat product.

The company achieved two key milestones with its latest innovation from research university Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

First, Meatafora successfully developed an oleogel fat substitute that mimics animal-derived fat but with improved nutritional value. Oleogelation is a method for reducing or replacing the unhealthy and controversial fats in food products.

Secondly, the food-tech company has produced edible and high-quality microcarriers for upscaling cell-based meat production. Science journal and media outlet Nature Communications published an article detailing Meatafora’s technology.

Marcelle Machluf, founder of Meatafora, said: “We are thrilled that a prominent publication like Nature Communications understands the significance of our recent milestones. We believe the future is cultivated meats. This is a moment of growth for Meatafora and we will continue to make strides towards bringing a delicious meat alternative to the marketplace that is affordable, scalable and more ethical than the current industrial agricultural system.”

Now Meatafora will focus on scaling up and offering the most cost-efficient option to the market. It says that due to its technology, it can reduce costs by up to 50%, creating a premium product that is affordable for the consumer.

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