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Magic Valley and Co-Labs partner to increase cell-based meat production capacity

Australian cell-based meat start-up Magic Valley has announced that it will boost its cell-based meat production by expanding its operations to a Co-Labs pilot facility.

The Co-Labs innovation hub and co-working laboratory is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is set to increase Magic Valley’s production capacity to 3,000-litre bioreactors, aiming to reach 150,000 kg of product per year.

Magic Valley's cell-based cultivated beef burger
Magic Valley's cell-based beef burger

Magic Valley says it has developed a scalable platform to grow any type of meat, including cell-based beef and lamb, without using foetal bovine serum.

Paul Bevan, founder and CEO of Magic Valley, said: “Our cultivated pork products provide the exact same flavour experience for consumers that enjoy traditionally farmed scale, our products will be much cheaper than traditional alternatives.”

In a post on LinkedIn, Magic Valley said: “Magic Valley remains committed to collaboration with experts and researchers to refine production processes, ensuring top-tier quality and delicious taste while reducing the environmental impact of traditional meat production”.

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