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Liberation Labs partners with Ivy Tech Community College to train biomanufacturing workforce of the future

Liberation Labs and Ivy Tech Community College in Richmond, Indiana, US, are partnering to develop a new biomanufacturing workforce training programme.

The programme has been designed specifically to equip future employees of the company with the required skills to work in precision fermentation.

Liberation Labs is currently constructing a commercial-scale, purpose-built, precision fermentation biomanufacturing facility with a capacity of 600,000 litres and a fully dedicated downstream process. The plant will produce bio-based proteins and other building block ingredients at a large scale and low cost.

Through the programme, the partners hope to ensure that approximately 30 people are trained and ready to work at the plant when operations commence later this year.

The curriculum and training will cover biotechnology and fermentation fundamentals, biomanufacturing best practices, quality, compliance and health and safety. The programme will include classroom training, laboratory-based training, online training, and on-site training at the Liberation Labs facility (once operational).

Liberation Labs expects to begin hiring in Q2 2024, with training expected to start prior to bringing employees on-site later in the year.

To develop the curriculum, Liberation Labs technical team members will collaborate with Ivy Tech curriculum designers and instructors to blend the specialised skills needed for the plant with Ivy Tech’s expertise in training and education.

Mark Warner, co-founder and CEO of Liberation Labs, said: “We’re able to leverage Ivy Tech’s deep experience in custom workforce education in order to train an already impressive regional workforce in the specific skills needed to work in the next generation of manufacturing. Best of all, we will open up new career opportunities in biomanufacturing for workers in the region, while Ivy Tech can deepen their specialisation in biotechnology – it’s a real investment in the future for all.”

Chad Bolser, chancellor, Richmond Campus at Ivy Tech Community College., added: “We take great pride in offering our students not just training – but opportunity and promise for a successful career. We are so excited that Liberation Labs chose Richmond for their manufacturing site and are grateful for their continued investment in the community and the local workforce. Together, we will all benefit.”

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