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thecultivatedb, germany

  • Writer's picturePhoebe Fraser

Hitachi Zosen slashes cell-based meat protein cost by 90%

Japanese engineering company Hitachi Zosen will start selling synthetic protein to cell-based meat producers as soon as 2025 using a process that reduces production costs by about 90%, Nikkei has reported.

The cell-based meat protein will be made using a method developed by Japanese start-up NUProtein.

Hitachi Zosen says it has streamlined a step in the production process to further drive down costs.

NUProtein combines mRNA from animal DNA with wheat germ to produce the protein. The wheat germ is mixed in a special solution to produce an extract with a precise blend of ingredients.

Hitachi Zosen has experience making machines capable of measuring and adding components in exact amounts for making drinks and seasoning. Leaning on that know-how, Hitachi Zosen mechanised the solution-making process for the wheat germ.

Hitachi Zosen aims to start selling its synthetic protein to cell-based meat producers in Singapore from April 2025, while the company is looking to launch similar businesses in the US and Japan.

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