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Good Meat serves cell-based chicken at US restaurant

Good Meat has announced it has made its first-ever sale of its cell-based chicken product in China Chilcano restaurant in Washington, US.

A select group of diners sat down last night to a “historic meal” of charcoal-grilled cell-based chicken, marking the first-ever sale of Good Meat in the US.

The landmark dinner, hosted by chef José Andrés saw the cell-based chicken marinated with anticucho sauce and served with potatoes and yellow chilli pepper chimichurri. It comes two weeks after Good Meat and Upside Foods received full US regulatory approval to sell its chicken to consumers within the country.

cell-based chicken skewer
Good Meat and Chef José Andrés' cell-based chicken

Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Good Meat and its parent company Eat Just, said: “I am proud that Good Meat is launching with José Andrés, beginning a new tradition of how Americans will eat meat in the many decades ahead”.

Chef José Andrés added: “The big day is here, the chicken is here, and people are going to be talking. This is a first for the history of humanity”.

The event precedes China Chilcano’s official menu debut of the dish, which will be served weekly in limited quantities by reservation only, beginning 25 July.

Good Meat follows Upside Foods which launched its cell-based chicken in chef Dominique Crenn’s restaurant Bar Crenn in San Francisco, US earlier this week.


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