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Good Meat receives FDA clearance for cell-based meat

Eat Just’s cultivated meat division, Good Meat, has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its cell-based chicken.

A “no questions” letter shows that the agency has accepted the company’s conclusion that its first poultry product is safe to eat.

This marks a key milestone for Good Meat in bringing its cultivated chicken to market in the US and comes more than two years after parent Eat Just secured a historical approval in Singapore.

Over the course of many months, Good Meat prepared extensive documentation for the FDA, outlining the safety of and production process for its cultivated chicken. Details included the identity, purity and stability of the chicken cells used.

The cultivated meat maker is now working to secure the greenlight from the US Department of Agriculture, after which a restaurant in Washington, owned by chef José Andrés, will become the first in the country to serve the product.

“Since Singapore approved Good Meat for sale, we knew this moment was next. I am so proud to bring this new way of making meat to my country and to do it with a hero of mine, chef José Andrés,” said Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Good Meat and Eat Just.

Andrés, who is part of the company’s board of directors, commented: “The future of our planet depends on how we feed ourselves, and we have a responsibility to look beyond the horizon for smarter, sustainable ways to eat. Good Meat is doing just that, pushing the boundary on innovative new solutions, and I’m excited for everyone to taste the result.”


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