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German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture funds research product on cell-based seafood

The German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) is funding an interdisciplinary research project on cell-based fish products.

BMEL is investing €1.32 million as part of its innovation funding programme. The project is a collaboration between Bluu Seafood, Reutlingen University and the University of Vechta. It combines Bluu Seafood’s expertise in industrial research and commercialisation with Reutlingen University’s basic technological research and the University of Vechta’s basic social science research.

The focus of the three-year research project is on the fat cells of salmon-like fish as the basis for foods rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Through the programme, BMEL aims to help make alt-protein sources, in particular tasty, healthy fish fat cells, available for human nutrition, opening up new options for global food security in an era of population growth and climate change.

Bluu Seafood is Europe's largest producer of cell-based fish. The company is investing €760,000 in the project, of which around €500,000 is funded by the BMEL. André Schiefner, Bluu Seafood’s associate director of cell culture and media development, is responsible for the overall coordination of the joint project at Bluu Seafood and will carry out industrial research on fat cell lines and the evaluation of commercialisation opportunities.

Schiefner said: “This funding is a great success for Bluu Seafood and shows that cellular agriculture is a relevant future technology in Germany. With this project, Bluu Seafood can focus its applied research even more on the taste and nutritional value of fish products. This is an important step towards a sustainable and healthy supply of cell-based fish. It brings us a big step closer to our vision of making cultivated fish the new 'normal'.”

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