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Fermify introduces new strategic partners, extends seed round

Austrian deep tech company Fermify has extended its seed funding round and introduced Cremer and Interfood as new strategic partners.

Fermify uses precision fermentation to create sustainable and economically viable solutions for milk protein production. The company’s platform provides a solution for in-house production of casein proteins, which it says is the “missing piece” to realise animal-free cheese that mimics its dairy-based counterparts, with the right meltability and structure.

In May, Fermify announced the closing of its $5 million seed funding round, led by Climentum Capital with participation from Auxxo, Fund F, Übermorgen and others. It has now extended the round after the addition of its strategic partners.

Fermify's animal-free cheese made with precision fermentation
Fermify's animal-free cheese made with precision fermentation

Cremer is a German multinational operating in trade, logistics and industry. It has more than 2,400 employees in over 60 companies and holdings and is active on all continents.

By leveraging Fermify's cutting-edge technology and Cremer’s industry knowledge, supply chain expertise and sustainable nutrition know-how, the partnership aims to develop innovative solutions that optimise the precision fermentation process and open new avenues for sustainable agricultural production.

Fermify says this will enable it to further focus on implementing a global, decentralised and digitalised production system, with a strong partner adding the missing piece upstream in the Fermify value chain.

Dr Ullrich Wegner, CEO of Cremer, said: “For Cremer, this partnership with Fermify represents a significant milestone in our strategic plan to expand and enhance our sustainable nutrition business. As an experienced B2B supplier of plant-based raw materials and with our deep industry experience in food manufacturing we aim to support the global food ecosystem, recognising the growing importance of sustainability, health and plant-based foods. We want to establish ourselves as a prominent contributor of the ongoing nutritional transformation and add significant value to the industry.”

While Cremer is an experienced worldwide B2B supplier of plant-based raw materials with an extended worldwide network, Interfood brings a global dairy network and related expertise to facilitate Fermify's route-to-market, distributing over 1.1 million metric-tons of dairy ingredients annually.

Fermify's animal-free cheese made with precision fermentation
Fermify's animal-free cheese made with precision fermentation

Edwin van Stipdonk, CCO at Interfood, commented: “Dairy forms an integral part of global dietary patterns and has deep cultural significance. However, making the production of these loved products more sustainable is a complex challenge, one that requires inventive thinking and novel technologies. With Fermify’s deep tech approach to developing novel milk proteins and our knowledge of the global dairy market, we can develop routes to markets and applications across the world. Together, we can provide solutions where economic and ecological sustainability can go hand in hand, allowing current and future generations to enjoy dairy responsibly.”

Eva Sommer, CEO and founder at Fermify, added: “These partnerships with Cremer and Interfood will further accelerate our path to become the world leading provider for precision fermentation technology. Cremer’s experience across sourcing input material with a main focus on side streams from other industries will be invaluable to 1. further reduce embodied GHG emissions, and 2. secure the supply chain for our customers. Interfood’s unique market insight and know-how in the dairy industry including marketing, logistics and distribution chains will be a great door opener for Fermify.”


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