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Efishient Protein unveils first prototype of cell-based tilapia fish fillet

Israel-based food-tech company Efishient Protein has achieved a breakthrough by successfully developing its first prototype of a layered tilapia fillet.

Representing a leap forward in the company's capability to produce a diverse range of sustainable white fish species, the initial prototype resembles the texture and structure of a tilapia fish fillet, marking a “notable stride” in expediting the large-scale production of various sustainable white fish species.

©Efishient Protein

Shir Israeli, product manager at Efishient Protein, said: "The significance of this accomplishment lies in our ability to synergise existing technologies in the market with our expertise in alternative fish protein. This synergy allows us to achieve extensive production of our innovative fish meat, effectively addressing one of the most critical challenges in the cultivated meat industry."

Dana Levin, CEO at Efishient Protein, added: "This achievement has the potential to be a game-changer in an industry where the question of affordability is paramount. It allows us to offer our products at competitive market prices, comparable to conventionally sourced white fish, which often come from environmentally harmful sources plagued by health and sustainability issues. As a B2B company, we are excited by the prospect of collaborating with third parties to achieve wide global distribution.”

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