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Cultzyme opens investment round for intelligent bioreactor development

Bioprocessing solution provider Cultzyme has opened an investment round to fund the development and commercialisation of its intelligent bioreactor.

Formed last year, Cultzyme was founded to cater to the need for a new generation of multipurpose bioreactors that integrate the latest technology, accelerating bioprocessing for R&D.

The firm’s intelligent R&D bioreactor, BION (Bioreactor Intelligent Operative Nanotechnology), integrates the latest hardware, AI and quantum computing to deliver precise control of reaction conditions, real-time monitoring and optimisations and scalable methods.

The intelligent bioreactors are said to overcome the greatest challenges in bioprocessing, empowering R&D driven businesses to produce high-quality bio-tech products efficiently and effortlessly.

Juan Garzón, CEO and founder of Cultzyme, told The Cell Base: "We founded Cultzyme after identifying a need for new technologies to allow the biotechnology sector to advance. Our intelligent bioreactor BION will accelerate R&D in life sciences and food technology, helping to deliver sustainable solutions across these industries."

He continued: “Cultzyme’s technology is easier to use and more efficient than existing bioreactors and reduces capital and operating expenses. It has quickly gained attention and support, and we are now opening our investment round to accelerate our commercial agenda.”

Cultzyme aims to targeting 10% of the global reusable bioreactor market by 2028 and is seeking investment to support this. The company has been self-funded to date and says it will use the additional funding to facilitate the continued development of BION, support the expansion of partnerships with leading organisations, and enable commercialisation of the product in this high-growth market.


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