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Cultivated meat company Aleph Farms opens new facility

Cell-based meat company Aleph Farms has opened a new facility in Israel, in order to expand its operations and develop its technology.

The new 65,000-square-foot facility in Rehovot is the location of Aleph Farms’ new headquarters and will increase the company’s operations “sixfold”. The site will encompass Aleph Farms’ new pilot production facility, which is set to become fully operational by summer this year, while also allowing the company to expand its R&D footprint.

Aleph Farms plans to establish a new department within the site, called Aleph Frontiers, which will serve as a hub for new product development.

The company hopes to commercialise its cultivated steak through its larger-scale production facilities, which are set to be built between 2022-2024.

Eyal Rivlin, vice president of production and operations, said:

“Aleph Farms’ team is passionate about changing the world around us, one bite at a time. Our new facility enables us to scale our production capabilities and launch limited quantities of our steak around the end of the year, pending regulatory approval. We’ve worked hard to get here and it is exciting to see the infrastructure that will help bring our vision to life.”

The new developments follow the company’s completion of a $105 million Series B funding round last year.


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