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Cultivated Biosciences introduces yeast-based cream

Swiss bio-tech food start-up Cultivated Biosciences has presented its first proof-of-concept using its creamy fat ingredient obtained with yeast fermentation.

The concept, a coffee creamer, is the result of two years of R&D and was created to meet the needs of the industry, as it is clean-label, has whitening capabilities and is stable in coffee. Cultivated Biosciences says this is a performance not met by commercially available plant-based creamers.

The company says that the creamer also meets the expectations of the consumers – it is “very creamy and tastes like a regular US commercial creamer”.

coffee creamer
Left: A curdled creamer vs Right: Cultivated Biosciences’ yeast-based alternative

Cultivated Biosciences’ ingredient provides the formulation with lipids and texture and is stable in acidic coffee without additives.

Tomas Turner, founder and CEO of Cultivated Biosciences, said: “We are proud to show the industry the value of our ingredient in a convincing final product application, it marks the beginning of our path to commercialisation”.

Céline Schiff-Deb, head of Biotechnology at US food innovation ecosystem and accelerator MISTA, added: “Cultivated Biosciences rose to the challenge and delivered a prototype with superior benefits to commercially available plant-based creamers in the US”.

Cultivated Biosciences plans to continue developing prototypes with its cream in other alt-dairy categories, together with industry partners, to pursue its mission to close the sensory gap between dairy alternatives and dairy.

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