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  • Writer's pictureSian Yates

Cult Food Science invests in cultivated oyster producer Pearlita

Cult Food Science has diversified its portfolio with an investment in cell-based mollusk company, Pearlita.

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Pearlita uses stem cells and bioreactors to produce cultivated oysters that have a “rich flavour and substantial nutrition”.

Canadian investment platform Cult Food Science is looking to accelerate the commercialisation of cellular agriculture and the incorporation of cultivated and cell-based foods into the global food supply chain.

Nikita Michelsen, chief executive officer of Pearlita, commented:

“We are so excited to have Cult part of our journey. It is truly inspiring to be part of a portfolio filled with so many forward-thinking and passionate companies that believe in a future without reliance on live animals for human consumption.”

She continued: “With this investment, Pearlita is one step closer to bringing healthy and nutritious oysters to the plates of seafood lovers”.

In February, Cult Food Science announced an investment in cultured chocolate manufacturer, California Cultured.

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