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thecultivatedb, germany

  • Writer's pictureDaniel Bunt

Cult Food Science invests in cell-based chocolate company

Cult Food Science Corp, a Canadian company that invests in clean, lab-grown food, has diversified its portfolio with an investment in cultured chocolate manufacturer, California Cultured.

Founded in 2020, California Cultured uses cell culture technology to produce cocoa products like cocoa powder, chocolate and cocoa butter.

The company aims to provide sustainable and ethical chocolate that is produced without the involvement of deforestation or child labour at any stage of the supply chain. California Cultured is focused on manufacturing cocoa by cultivating cocoa cells in tanks. Ingredients are to be sourced in the US to ensure that its products adhere to high ethical and sustainability standards.

Cult Food Science cites child labour on cocoa farms as a “major concern” surrounding the production of chocolate. In addition, California Cultured says that cocoa production often relies on monoculture growth, leading to deforestation.

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