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CJ Foods partners with T&R Biofab to develop alt-meat using 3D bioprinting

CJ Foods, a business unit of South Korea-based CJ CheilJedang, announced that it entered into a joint development agreement with T&R Biofab.

T&R Biofab is a Korean med-tech company that develops artificial tissues using its technology in the field of regenerative medicine based on 3D bioprinting.

Under the JDA, the companies will work to develop alternative meat products using 3D bioprinting. They will leverage expertise between the food industry and 3D printing medical field to create new plant-based alt-protein products that match consumers' expectations on taste, texture, appearance and nutrition.

Both companies perceive plant-based alt-protein food products – that go beyond the limitations of today's offerings – as new growth engines.

Florian Viton, SVP of strategic innovation at CJ Foods, said: "At CJ Foods, we recognise that breakthrough innovation happens at the interface of distinctly different proficiencies and industries. We see our partnership with T&R Biofab as a unique opportunity to create alternative protein offerings that truly surpass the limitations hindering today's plant-based products. This exciting collaboration is part of CJ Food's broader strategy to accelerate our pace of innovation and seed new growth engines in support of CJ Food's global ambitions."

Paulo Marinho, head of scientific strategy at T&R Biofab, added: "As global leaders and public figures increasingly draw attention to the alternative protein food sector, particularly the potential within 3D printed food, it is imperative to underscore that this domain seldom unites genuine food industry experts with accomplished printing specialists. This partnership stands as a unique instance where these two domains converge and collaborate, each pioneering its own sphere to achieve a shared and essential solution."


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