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China’s CellX announces new fermentation programme

Shanghai-based cultivated meat start-up CellX has ventured into mycelium fermentation to expand its portfolio of alt-proteins.

CellX plans to combine its cell-based animal proteins with the fermented proteins to make hybrid meat and dairy alternatives that are more affordable than existing solutions.

The company says using mycelium proteins will help it to achieve price parity with conventional meat. They have advantages in both cost and scale, and provide differences in raw material performance.

According to the company, its raw material uses a mycelium strain that contains 40% protein and 20% dietary fibre, while being rich in active ingredients like antioxidants. Its amino acid score is said to be on par with traditional beef.

CellX intends to partner with downstream developers to create new meat and dairy alternatives as well as functional foods using its mycelium protein.


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