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Cell AgriTech and Umami Bioworks to construct new cell-based meat and seafood factory in Malaysia

Announced today during a panel at COP28, Cell AgriTech and Umami Bioworks will scale up their manufacturing capacity through the construction of a new cell-based meat and seafood factory in Kedah, Malaysia.

The new facility, which is scheduled to open in phases beginning in Q1 2025, will span 96,000 square feet and have a projected annual output of more than 3,000 tons of cell-based meat or seafood.

During the panel, Jason Ng, manufacturing VP of Cell AgriTech, and Mihir Pershad, CEO of Umami Bioworks’, said that the new facility will be the “largest cultivated meat factory in the Asia Pacific region”.

Based at Malaysia’s Kulim Hi-Tech Park, the facility will contain up to five full-scale production lines when completed, and the building will be powered in part by solar energy.

In this new partnership, each company will leverage its particular areas of expertise. Umami Bioworks will develop the core production technologies, including cell lines, growth media and modular, automated production lines, while Cell AgriTech will focus on improving yields and operational efficiencies.

The facility will benefit from comparatively lower operational costs due to its location in a high-tech, purpose-built industrial zone.

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