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Cauldron and Boston Bioprocess partner to help fermentation companies scale

Fermentation specialists Cauldron and Boston Bioprocess have launched a new partnership, aiming to help fermentation-based companies scale from lab to manufacturing.

The two companies will work together to create ‘economically viable paths’ to industrial-scale production for companies that would benefit from Cauldron’s continuous fermentation technology.

Cauldron is a precision fermentation manufacturer specialising in food, feed and fibre. The company said its ‘hyper-fermentation’ manufacturing technology unlocks precision fermentation for commodity application by achieving significantly lower cost of goods sold with less capex investment.

The Australian startup raised $10.5 million earlier this year to support expansion of its facilities in New South Wales, and its broader goal to expand with a national production network of precision fermentation plants.

Boston Bioprocess offers a platform for bringing microbes to industrial scale, providing services including strain evaluation, process development and scale-up solutions to companies in the bio-ingredient and biologics space.

The company partnered with animal-free fat developer Nourish Ingredients this month to help scale its fungi-based fat solution, suitable for use in plant-based meat products.

Boston Bioprocess CEO, Michael Tai, said the partnership with Caudlron aims to find the best possible combination of technology and assets for each client.

“Transitioning to industrial-scale production is about finding the best partner for a client’s particular strain and particular product,” Tai said. “It’s not a one-size-fits-all process, which means that we need to work hard to form a network of talented and reliable CMOs, all of whom can be the best fit for some portion of our client base.”

Tai added that working with Cauldron allows it to “minimise the pain” of tech transfer and shorten time-to-market for clients.


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