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BSF announces successful production of cultivated pork fillets

cultivated pork

Biotech company #BSF – owner of UK-based clinical and cellular agriculture company 3D Bio-Tissues – has announced that it has produced two full-scale fillets of cultivated pork.

The cultivated pork fillets each measure 5cm in diameter, 3cm in height and around 60g in weight, making them similar in size to traditional 2-oz tenderloin steaks.

Additionally, BSF produced a cultivated pork strip, or ‘noodle’, measuring around 30cm in length and 1cm in diameter. The company says that the development of the pork strip demonstrates the effectiveness of BSF’s intellectual property that could be applied to produce meat in the future as a consumer-ready, ‘pre-sliced’ form for cooking purposes.

cultivated pork
BSF's cultivated pork strip or ‘noodle'

The cultivated meat products were produced using 3D Bio-Tissue's patented, serum-free and animal-free cell booster City-Mix, which eliminates the requirement for conventional plant-based scaffolds, blends or fillers.

The products underwent testing last week, with data collection and study participants invited to inspect the product in a raw and cooked state. BSF has said that the cultivated meat products were very similar in appearance to conventional meat in their raw state, with fibres clearly visible.

According to BSF, the study participants that tasted the cultivated meat provided “very positive feedback” in terms of its taste and texture.

Che Connon, MD of BSF and CEO at 3D Bio-Tissues, said: "We have gained a huge amount of valuable knowledge from testing our products with a trained chef and we were reassured to observe that our cultivated meat is able to be handled and cooked in the same way as traditional meat products.”

He continued: “Further, data collected from the study participants indicated comparable meat qualities to traditional pork meat, which was very pleasing and highly validating of our work. This gives us further confidence as we continue our conversations with potential customers to license out the technologies demonstrated as well as building on the agreements already secured.”

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